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NBA Rumors: The Miami Heat Could Acquire Kyle Lowry For Kelly Olynyk, Andre Iguodala, And Kendrick Nunn

NBA Rumors: The Miami Heat Could Acquire Kyle Lowry For Kelly Olynyk, Andre Iguodala, And Kendrick Nunn

The Miami Heat have expressed interest in adding another star to their roster, someone experienced who could bring perimeter creation to their roster. They have been linked with Bradley Beal before, and there is clearly some interest in competing while Jimmy Butler is still in his prime.

The Miami Heat could choose to acquire Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors. There have been rumors that they have shown interest in Lowry for a while now. Kyle Lowry is someone who has won a championship and knows what it takes to win in the playoffs. Kyle Lowry could be the missing piece for the Miami Heat. Here is what a potential trade package would look like.

Miami Heat Receive: Kyle Lowry

Toronto Raptors Receive: Kelly Olynyk, Andre Iguodala, Kendrick Nunn

Toronto Raptors Receive A Solid Package

Kyle Lowry's contract is expiring at the end of this season. As a star who is currently 34, Kyle Lowry will likely want one last long-term commitment as he enters the latter stages of his career. He is one of the oldest players on the Toronto Raptors roster, and trading him could bring in some players who could help the immediate and the future needs of the team. The Toronto Raptors would be sending Kyle Lowry to a good team, one where he can play with other All-Stars and possibly compete for a championship.

Kelly Olynyk would address the immediate need that the Toronto Raptors have at the center position. Kelly Olynyk would provide solid minutes at the center position, and he can even stretch the floor, shooting 34.5% from 3PT range for the season. Chris Boucher has provided solid minutes off the bench as the team's sixth man, but the Raptors need solid minutes during the times he is not on the court. Andre Iguodala could be a solid mentor for the team and would provide solid defensive minutes in the time that he does play.

Kendrick Nunn would be the top reason that the Toronto Raptors would accept this package. Nunn made the All-Rookie team last year, after averaging a solid 15.3 PPG for the Miami Heat. While his scoring average has declined, he could be a solid scorer if given more minutes. On the Toronto Raptors, he could be the primary perimeter scorer off the bench, and he is a promising young player who could blossom with their development system.

Miami Heat Create A Big Three

Kyle Lowry was an All-Star just last season, averaging 19.4 PPG and 7.5 APG. His numbers have been solid late into his career, and the Miami Heat are known for taking chances on veterans. Lowry is a 6-time All-Star who would be a great fit next to a superstar like Jimmy Butler. He would fit the Miami Heat culture, as at his core, Lowry is a competitor. It would hurt to see the franchise legend leave the Toronto Raptors, but the chance at a ring could be great for Kyle Lowry.

Kyle Lowry joining Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo could create a big three for the Miami Heat. All three of them are elite passers, who can also score the ball. Kyle Lowry can play on and off-ball and provide some consistent perimeter shot-making from beyond the arc. Lowry's underrated ability is his penchant for drawing charges on opposing players when they are driving towards the rim. He is one of the best at it, and it forces a good amount of turnovers for his opponents

Kyle Lowry's two-way impact would be amazing for the Miami Heat. He would bring some fluidity to their offense, and most importantly, he would show up in the playoffs. Kyle Lowry is a great fit in Miami, and they could help him add even more to his own legacy.


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