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NBA Rumors: The New York Knicks Should Trade For Buddy Hield

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NBA Rumors: The New York Knicks Should Trade For Buddy Hield

The New York Knicks are a team that is on the precipice of making a long-awaited playoffs appearance. They haven't been to the playoffs since the 2012-2013 season, but have a real possibility to do so this season, as they are currently in the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. For Knicks fans, this is an exciting sight to see.

The New York Knicks are a playoffs seed right now, but they could always improve their roster. The New York Knicks have a promising group of players, and an extra piece could get them further during the postseason. There is one player in particular that could be a good trade target for the Knicks: that player is Buddy Hield of the Sacramento Kings. The Knicks have been linked with high-profile shooting guards such as Victor Oladipo in the past. Buddy Hield is someone in a similar mold to what they are looking for. Here is a potential trade package.

New York Knicks Receive: Buddy Hield

Sacramento Kings Receive: Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox, a future first-round pick, a future second-round pick

The Sacramento Kings Commit To A Rebuild

On the Sacramento Kings end, there are a few reasons to do this trade. Their team is currently 13th in the Western Conference. The goal for the Sacramento Kings is to eventually be able to win. The Sacramento Kings haven't been to the playoffs in 15 seasons. The Buddy Hield - De'Aaron Fox pairing hasn't managed to get them over that hump during the last few seasons, and it could potentially be time to make a change. Buddy Hield is also 28, which doesn't necessarily fit the timeline of the Sacramento Kings rebuild.

With this trade package, the Sacramento Kings will receive two young prospects, Frank Ntilikina and Kevin Knox. Knox is a solid forward with length, and he can shoot the 3PT shot fairly well, shooting 40.0% from beyond the arc. Frank Ntilikina is a defensive specialist whose offense comes and goes: if the Sacramento Kings could get him playing consistently on offense, he could be a great two-way player. The future picks will also aid their rebuild: the first-round pick is the main attraction here, while the second-round pick is a throw-in for the sake of getting the deal done. It seems like this package could get the job done, and allow the Sacramento Kings to have a shot at winning in the future.

The New York Knicks Add An Elite 3PT Marksman

This New York Knicks team is good: the emergence of Julius Randle has been key to their success. Julius Randle is a playmaking forward, who plays well with floor spacers. Enter Buddy Hield: he shoots 40.6% from beyond the arc for his career, and 38.2% this season. Buddy Hield is the definition of a 3PT gunner: he is in the top 3 for threes attempted per game, with 10.5 attempts. Buddy Hield is an elite, high-volume 3PT shooter, that could add a new dimension to any offense. Buddy Hield relocates well when he doesn't have the ball, being an elite catch and shoot player. But if need be, he can also create well on the perimeter.

Buddy Hield can shoulder some of the scoring load next to Julius Randle and RJ Barrett. He could provide top-tier floor spacing, while also being able to be a supplementary scorer. His addition to the New York Knicks would also benefit players like Derrick Rose who can find an open shooter while driving to the rim. Buddy Hield would simply be a player who could give his teammates more space to operate, due to him being an outside threat. If the New York Knicks want an experienced player who will give the team a boost on the offensive end, then Buddy Hield is the right choice. The New York Knicks would also allow Buddy Hield himself to thrive, as they have quality offensive threats that would take some of the attention off of him. This seems like a good match for both parties: while there is nothing concrete that's happened yet, Hield would clearly be a good fit on the New York Knicks.


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