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NBA Rumors: The Rockets Want James Wiseman From Warriors In Victor Oladipo Trade

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

Even without Klay Thompson, the Warriors have aspirations of making a rin in the Western Conference playoff this year.

Unfortunately, countless obstacles and inconsistent play from most of the team have put the Dubs in a complicated position during the second half of the season. Sitting 9th in the West, it looks like they might need a boost if they want to secure their place in the playoff picture.

One recent name that has popped up as a potential candidate is Houston's Victor Oladipo, who would make a solid replacement for Klay Thompson. The price for him, though, is far too high than what the Warriors are willing to pay.

The Warriors are obviously still in a state where they want to compete, but they're also building towards the future.

Keeping a tight grip on Wiseman ensures they have a guy that they can look to in their post-Steph era. Plus, with Thompson set to return next season, grabbing Oladipo would really only be a temporary fix anyway.

It remains to be seen what happens next four Houston. Will they continue their hard bargain for Vic, or will they eventually lower their ask? This situation might not get resolved until the very last minute of the deadline.