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NBA Rumors: There Is "Belief" Across The League That Ben Simmons Will Eventually Get Traded From The Philadelphia 76ers

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Ever since the Atlanta Hawks eliminated the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round of the playoffs, Ben Simmons has been linked with an exit from the Philadelphia 76ers. There was a lot of speculation about a Ben Simmons trade during draft night, but it never materialized, and as of now Ben Simmons is still a part of the 76ers organization.

There are a fair number of teams that have been reported to be interested in a trade for Ben Simmons, but it seems as though the Philadelphia 76ers are being patient with a trade, and gauging the return that they would get. However, insider Keith Pompey believes that a Ben Simmons trade is coming. It makes sense that the 76ers would want to get the best value possible for their 25-year-old All-Star, but it is clear that a fresh start would be great for all parties involved.

I think he's gonna get moved.

I felt like, talking to people I spoke to and sources, they all thought it was going to happen in the preseason. Happen maybe right before training camp, in training camp, what have you. Maybe right before the final rosters. But the belief is that he is still going to get traded. I think that's right."

There is no doubt that despite his flaws, Ben Simmons is still a great basketball player. While he isn't quite the superstar that many projected him to be, he is still a top-tier defender and facilitator and thrives when scoring in transition. If he is able to fix his free throw shooting, then he will become one of the best two-way players in the game.

Hopefully, Ben Simmons is given the opportunity to start anew in a different situation, perhaps one where he will be a better fit with the roster. It is clear that Ben Simmons has talent, and perhaps someone will be able to help him live up to his potential.