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NBA Rumors: This Blockbuster Trade Between The Mavericks And Grizzlies Could Solve Their Problems


NBA trade season is heating up and as teams scramble to finalize their rosters for the postseason, no shortage of players have been included in trade rumors/whispers about where they might end up by seasons end.

Recently placed on the mystical "trade block" is Memphis' Marc Gasol and Mike Conley, who after years with the Grizzlies, may have finally come to the realization that it just doesn't work. Not only do the players likely want to give it a shot with another team, but the Grizzlies themselves are probably better off with a clean slate. It'll be tough to trade a guy that's nearing 34 and a guard who has always been underrated, but there's bound to be one team out there with the perfect fit.


The Dallas Mavericks check all the boxes in that regard.

Luka Doncic is enough for the Mavs to stay away from the lottery. Though it's no secret that the Mavericks need more if they really want to make a push for the playoffs and beyond. Conley and Gasol paired with a young scorer like Luka might just be enough to do it.

Here's the proposed trade idea:

Dallas sends Harrison Barnes, Wesley Matthews, DeAndre Jordan, and Dennis Smith to Memphis for Mike Conley, Marc Gasol, and Jaren Jackson.

The Grizzlies would clear cap space, get a young stud in Smith, and a proven scorer in Barnes who would fit nicely alongside a primary star. If they find a way to send off Parsons, they'd have the fresh start they're looking for. Over in Dallas, the Mavs would get pretty scary. Part of the Grizzlies' biggest problem during the Gasol/Conley era has been the lack of shooting. Luka solves that problem for them in Dallas and the great coaching mind of Rich Carslile might even find a way to pull some extra years out of the aging Marc Gasol.

Overall, it's a swap that would provide plenty of benefits for both teams.

And even though this probably won't be one of the deals discussed on deadline day... maybe it should be. After all, what have they really got to lose?