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NBA Rumors: Timberwolves Could Land Ben Simmons, Sixers Could Land Bradley Beal In A Three-Team Blockbuster Trade

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

With a new coach and a new President of Basketball Operations, a new era has emerged for the Philadelphia 76ers -- and it will likely bring about much change to the franchise.

Despite all the talent, the roster is an all-fitted mess of players who can't seem to establish chemistry. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons remain a questionable fit as teammates, and their durability may be an even greater question mark at this point of their tenure together.

This offseason may spell the end for this Sixers team as we know it, as countless rumors and whispers have hinted in the pasts few weeks.

In fact, in one of the most recent trade rumors, Dan FaVale of Bleacher Report has the Sixers letting go of Ben Simmons for young sharpshooting guard Bradley Beal.

Minnesota Timberwolves Receive: Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: Bradley Beal, No. 17

Washington Wizards Receive: Jarrett Culver, James Johnson (player option), Josh Okogie, Jarred Vanderbilt, No. 1, Minnesota's 2023 first-round pick (unprotected, conditional upon 2021 obligation to Golden State)

Long have the Sixers searched for a consistent and powerful scoring presence from the outside, and Beal is somewhat of an expert in that regard. As a young, talented sharpshooter with loads of potential, he and Embiid would form a powerful tandem that could dominate the East for years.

Bradley Beal is the archetype of star Philly's roster needs. He is both a top-shelf creator and shot-maker, and the Sixers have the size and length, even without Simmons, to sustain a quality defense with him on the floor.

To pull it off, the Wizards would demand a huge haul -- to which FaVale's proposal delivers.

Washington may have no intention of moving Beal, but this is the kind of ransom that should at least coax a reevaluation. Jarrett Culver perked up offensively toward the end of this past season and will be more at home in a situation that can funnel him more touches, even with John Wall's return to consider. Between him and the No. 1 pick, the Wizards have a viable springboard for a rebuild.

The Timberwolves, who make off with (arguably) the best player in this trade, would vault into title contention with the trio of Russell, Towns, and Simmons.

Not that Minnesota should second-guess this grand of an all-in gesture. Russell and Towns are quintessential running mates for Simmons. Towns doesn't need to occupy the same space as him in the half court, and Russell makes it so he won't be the primary ball-handler on every possession. Simmons alone also gives the Timberwolves a crack at defensive competence—and, therefore, a visible line to championship contention.

This offseason should come with all kinds of twists and turns. Whether it's making moves to fix their cap situation, get a jump on a rebuild project, or gathering that final piece for title contention, teams around the association will be looking to deal, likely including all three of the ones included in this article.

It will be interesting to see what transpires in the weeks and months to come.