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NBA Rumors: Top 4 Best Destinations For Draymond Green

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Fadeaway World

The Warriors are in disarray right now, losing their two best players to injury and many more to Free Agency and retirement. At this stage, the Warriors need to consider their future by making some bold moves. The first step could be moving on from Draymond Green.

Green was pivotal to the Warriors Dynasty, thanks to his tenacity on defense and his vocal leadership. Without Green, the Warriors are not NBA Champions. Yet, it might be time to close the chapter on Green's career with Golden State.

He is getting up there in age, and his impact will not be as valuable as it once was. And he is making a ton of money. For the next few years his salary is as follows; $18,539,130, $22,246,956 $24,026,712, $25,806,468, and $27,586,224.

The Warriors need to build around Curry and Thompson, so moving Green for some key assets is in their best interest.

The Warriors have a chance to get young players and draft picks. Not to mention, free cap space. Key players such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Andre Drummond, and Anthony Davis are all free agents in 2021. They would probably be willing to play with Steph and Klay, as they are unselfish, and the Warriors are potentially in the running for possibly two of the three superstars. The Warriors must move Green to make this happen.

Here are the best destinations for defensive All-Star Draymond Green.

Orlando Magic

The trade package will be Aaron Gordon and a first-round pick for Draymond Green. Gordon is a younger, more athletic player than Green and is developing into a better shooter as well.

Not to mention, Gordon is simply a better offensive player. He attacks the rim better and is one of the most exciting players in the league. Adding Gordon to the warrior's cornerstone of players will make them exciting again, with a mix of dunking and sharpshooting.

Gordon is also a perfect player to build around since he has a lot of potential and is still very raw. The Magic might be willing to pair Green and Vucevic, so this trade might happen.

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are on the hunt for stars, and Green fits their style of play. He plays tough defense and is all about hustle, which fits perfectly next to their superstar Jimmy Butler.

The Warriors will likely ask for Goran Dragic, Bam Adebayo, Derrick Jones Jr, and future picks to make this happen. Dragic gives them a clean cap space slate for the upcoming season, while Bam is a nice player to man the middle thanks to his rebounding and defense. At the very least, Jones is a high-flyer who can be a nice role player as well.

The Heat are hungry for offers, so the Warriors should take advantage of this by moving Green who is due to make max money over the next few seasons. By making this trade, the Warriors can have free cap space to pursue those three big names in the near future.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks would give up Cam Reddish, Evan Turner, and first-round picks to the Warriors in exchange for Green. Reddish would be a wonderful addition to the Warriors, who can legitimately start three sharpshooting players with a lot of flairs and all. Reddish, as a young prospect, is a very exciting player who looks to be on his way to becoming an All-Star one day. He is also a very young player who can grow alongside the two best shooters in the game.

The Warriors need young players and picks, and the Hawks have stockpiled both of them for quite a while now. Atlanta can start Green alongside Collins, with Trae Young completing an exciting big three that can compete now (in a very weak East) and in the future.

Boston Celtics

The Warriors want young players and draft picks, which is exactly what the Celtics can offer. The Celtics can acquire green by moving Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and a first-round pick. The Celtics clearly need an upgrade on defense, and he will fit perfectly next to Kanter and Walker in the starting lineup.

For the Warriors, Jaylen Brown is a perfect player to play alongside Steph and Klay thanks to his length and ability to score the ball. Brown is also a developing defensive player, and he might thrive next to the two sharpshooters. Smart can also be a key role player while the first-round pick can potentially be very valuable for the Warriors rebuilding plan for the near future.

With Klay and Steph healthy, Brown will be a nice compliment as a player who can play on both ends and potentially develop a very consistent outside shot. There are few places better than Golden State for him at the moment, so there should be mutual interest.


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