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NBA Rumors: Top 5 Trades That Need To Happen Right Now


With each passing game in the NBA, we learn more and more about teams. Are they any good? Should they be good? Why is a team bad? Who isn’t working on their current team and who is? NBA teams are like jigsaw puzzles; you need the right pieces to be successful.

Players and coaches are constantly moving throughout the season as teams fine-tune their squads to match their plan. This can be moving player they no longer want to pay large salaries to so that the team can start a rebuild or it can be a franchise acquiring someone to help them make a title push.

Whatever the reason every season a bevy of players find themselves on different teams before the end of the season and this year will be no different. Some teams need a bit of a shakeup to refocus their squad on the task at hand. Here are my top 5 trades that need to happen right now

5. Kyle Korver


Cleveland needs to tank, LeBron and the Lakers need shooters. This trade is a no-brainer. Korver is one of the best spot-up shooter in league history and works especially well with LeBron driving and creating an opening for Korver to hit 3s.

The Lakers need more floor space given the likes of LeBron, Rondo and Lonzo Ball are their ball-handlers. Korver is well respected throughout the league not just for his shooting but his dedication to training. There’s no doubt the young Lakers like Ball, Ingram, Kuzma and Hart would benefit from learning for Korver whilst training together.

4. Robin Lopez


The Chicago Bulls suck so far this year, but that’s ok. They have some fantastic young talent like Zach LaVine and Jabari Parker and need to let these guys grow together. That also means that they need to rid themselves of any aging veterans with big contracts so they have more flexibility going forward.

Robin Lopez is 30 years old and is only playing 17 minutes a night even though he’s being paid over $14 million this season. He is still a good player so the Bulls should trade him now whilst he still has some trade value.

3. Marc Gasol


Memphis have been in the same position for some years now and it’s time to break the mold. They are an ok team that will just about make the Playoffs but their roster has zero potential for growth.

Their best players are old and unlikely to improve so now is the time to bite the bullet and start the inevitable tank. Trading Gasol would be the best course of action as he is the biggest deadweight they have. He is still a good player with some trade value so the Grizzlies should ship him for draft picks before it’s too late.

2. Otto Porter Jr.


The Wizards suck right now. They have the talent for a top 4 team in the East but it never seems to work out for them. John Wall is just about to start his mega-extension which no team will want to take a gamble on and Bradley Beal is too valuable.

The only other option is Otto Porter Jr who has really struggled at the start of this season. Usually, he is one of the best shooters in the league and a great 3 and D wing player for Washington but now since he’s not hitting 3s he’s become a liability on the court.

Washington Wizards need to change something and the best option will be to trade Otto Porter Jr. for the future picks or for better shooters.

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1. Jimmy Butler


This is obvious to everyone and yet the Timberwolves are being very stubborn it seems with anyone who tries to trade with them. Butler will leave Minnesota at the end of this season. You know this, I know this, everyone knows this but I guess the Wolves want the absolute maximum they can get from either the Rockets of the Clippers before they let him go.

The Wolves look fine without him given that Derrick Rose is looking the strongest and most confident he’s been since his tragic ACL tear in 2012.