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NBA Rumors: Trevor Ariza Expected To Be Available In Trade Talks


When the Suns entered the season, they had actual hope of winning some basketball games. Devin Booker had developed and worked all summer and the addition of DeAndre Ayton added some additional depth in the front-court.

They also have Trevor Ariza, who after playing his heart out in Houston, earned a big 1-year, $15 million pay-day with Phoenix. In their minds, they were serious about winning and Ariza could help them do it.

So when things went spiraling downhill, and it became apparent the Suns would spend another season in the lottery, the status of Ariza's role with the team became a huge question mark.

Now, it seems most are expecting the veteran forward to be moved elsewhere following December 15th.

What makes the date so important is that it's the first day that players who signed free agent contracts last summer are eligible to be traded. It's likely why he hasn't been dealt sooner.

Nonetheless, more than a few teams are expected to pursue his services. He's a two-way player, being able to provide both offensive and defensive abilities. Plus, he's a guy that fits well within any locker room.

At this point, it's only a matter of time. The winter season always comes with an active trade market, so Trevor Ariza is likely just one of the first names in a long list of ones to be added soon.