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NBA Rumors: Warriors May Consider Trading Draymond Green



Reality has set in quickly for the Golden State Warriors who, after making the NBA Finals just this past spring, are on track to become of the worst teams in the league.

With Durant out, Iguodala traded, Livingston retired, and everyone else injured, Draymond Green and franchise new-comer D'Angelo Russell are the only stars still standing.

In light of this unfortunate reality, some changes may be necessary to bolster their situation.

According to Tom Ziller of SB Nation, the Warriors may consider trading Green for a combination of players and future draft picks if they take the path to “reformation.

“The Warriors consider themselves smarter than other franchises. Trading Green for younger talent or draft picks or some combination thereof would be the cold, unsentimental thing to do if this season is lost and the Warriors want to position themselves to compete for titles in the future. Would it actually be smart? Green is really, really good. But he seems to have lost some of his verve as the state of the Warriors shifts. If the rest of the team is so bad on defense that Green can’t save it, what’s the usefulness?”

The Warriors rank dead last in defensive rating. If their 119.1 points per 100 possessions allowed holds throughout the remainder of the season, they’d actually become the worst defense in NBA history.

Their inexperience has much to do with that -- the Warriors now employ nine players aged 23 or younger.

It's hard to tell where Draymond fits into it all, and what he can do for them going forward. But if trading him can give them some valuable young pieces in return, it might be worthy of consideration...