NBA Rumors: Warriors 'Open' To Sign-And-Trade Kevin Durant

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NBA Rumors: Warriors 'Open' To Sign-And-Trade Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is expected to have a busy free agency, but everything points out he will handle things a little bit different than the rest of the players entering the open market. In recent hours we found out Durant was undecided among four teams to pick where he would be playing next season, but there is more coming from Durant’s camp and the Warriors’.

While KD is not expected to take formal free agent meetings in his 2019 free agency, Golden State is playing its own game regarding the future of the forward and have already created a plan to not see the All-Star player leave for free with them not getting anything in return.

The Warriors are reportedly open to a sign-and-trade involving Durant, in an attempt to avoid losing him for nothing. ESPN's Brian Windhorst broke down during an appearance on Get Up! how Golden State would move this summer trying to prevent KD to leave for free.

"My sense is that the Warriors are in the scramble mode to do anything that they can to either keep Kevin or not lose him for nothing. The last thing that the Warriors want is for him to just go sign with the Nets or sign with the Knicks. So in addition to offering him the five-year contract and hoping that he will either stay with them or be willing to rehab with them and then be traded, the Warriors are wide-open to considering sign-and-trade scenarios."

The insider also noted that even though Golden State may not get any star player in return, they would receive a big trade exception that won’t be seen with bad eyes.

"They would love, let's say Kevin wants to go to the Nets, they would love to do a sign-and-trade with the Nets. Now you might say, 'Well, what would they get back?' Well, what they could do is they could get back a trade exception, where you'd get a $35 million basically gift certificate that they could then use to go get other players, which they are going to need.

"You may not get any type of standout player back, but they have no functional way to improve their team because they don't have any roster space; they're not gonna have any salary-cap space if he leaves. So the Warriors really want to work alongside Kevin Durant over the next week, whether it's to keep him, whether it's to help him go elsewhere. Now, the Nets wouldn't really be incentivized—or the Knicks or the Clippers—to help the Warriors, so that may not end up happening."

Ultimately, Durant is the one with the last word on this matter, so we have to wait and see which path he is going to take when the free agency opens this Sunday.