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NBA Rumors: Warriors Will Not Give Up Young Talent For Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons Would Take 3587 Seasons To Break Stephen Curry's Three-Point Record

As the season rages on, the clock continues to click on Ben Simmons' tenure in Philadelphia.

With his exit all but a certainty at this point, many teams have been connected to his future, including the Golden State Warriors.

As one of the only teams with enough assets to make an offer to Morey's liking, they have an opportunity to bring him to the team.

The problem is, not even the Warriors are sure they want the guy and team owner Joe Lacob isn't about to give up his young talent to get him.

(via HoopsHype)

There are people within the building that would be intrigued by the idea. There’s definitely a contingent that asks how will that fit with Draymond? Simmons could fit in the Warriors’ read-and-react style, but he’d make the most sense in the Draymond role as the pick-and-roll guy with Curry. What matters most is that the guy up top, Joe Lacob, has literally been fined for giving his opinion about not believing in Simmons’ fit with the Warriors. If you talk to him behind the scenes on or off the record, he’s transparent that he’s not giving up the young guys, particularly for a flawed type of star like Simmons. It would have to be a home-run type of thing for them to move off Wiseman or Kuminga.

Simmons, a 3x All-Star, has been a no-show for Philly since his meltdown in the 2021 playoffs. Over the past few months, Simmons has put the team through hell with his trade demands and continues to be a distraction today.

On the court, he's a talented but flawed player. His inability to shoot makes him a liability, even to a team as talented as the Warriors.

There is no doubt that Sixers GM Daryl Morey is going to want some kind of star player in a deal for Simmons. It's looking like he might have to look beyond Golden State to get him.