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NBA Rumors: Warriors Will Test Their Partnership With D'Angelo Russell

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

To rebound from the loss of Kevin Durant was never going to be an easy task. Yet, in typical Golden State fashion, they pulled something out of their hat.

In a sign-and-trade deal between the Warriors and Nets, the Dubs were able to acquire D'Angelo Russell -- who made his first NBA All-Star team this past February.

Since the signing, questions about their partnership have surfaced from around the community, with claims that it was an 'awkward' fit or that the Warriors only traded for him to flip him into another asset down the road.

No matter your opinion on his fit with the team, the Warriors intend to give it time to work. In a report by The Athletic, the team is willing to give things a shot with D'Lo.

The Warriors don’t have an imminent plan to trade Russell. They haven’t indicated to anyone that they definitely will. They’re not even allowed to until mid-January. That buffer gives them a chance to see how this partnership works.

The biggest complication for D'Angelo and the Warriors next season will be lineup adjustments. How does he fit with Klay and Steph in the backcourt? Do they move Thompson to the three? Do they bring Russell off the bench?

Whatever the case, the Warriors certainly have options. And while they might explore some of those options later in the year, they are going to test the waters with what they have now, especially while Klay continues his recovery.

D'Angelo averaged 21.1 points and 7 assists per game last season on 43% shooting. He will try to replicate those numbers as a Warrior entering his 5th NBA season.