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NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Could Make A "Major Push" For Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant is a player that the majority of teams would love to have on their roster. He is one of the best scorers ever, a solid defender, and a franchise-changing superstar.

However, despite his trade request, the Brooklyn Nets have not yet managed to trade Kevin Durant. Part of the complication could be due to his preferred destinations, which are the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns. The Nets reportedly don't like any of the trade packages that they have received thus far, and it is unclear if they will end up trading Durant to one of his desired destinations.

“The executives are going on vacation… At this point, the Nets’ preferred situation is for Kevin Durant to stay with them. There is no trade that they’ve got that they like.”

If the Brooklyn Nets can't figure out a trade with the Phoenix Suns or the Miami Heat, perhaps another destination could be in play for Kevin Durant. Sam Amico of Hoops Wire has recently reported that the Washington Wizards "could make a major push" for Kevin Durant.

Several sources even have told Hoops Wire to keep an eye on the Wizards, who could make a major push. Durant is a DC product, too. He may not be upset about playing at home alongside Bradley Beal.

Teaming up with Bradley Beal could definitely be an appealing option for Kevin Durant. He would have an offensive-minded shooting guard who could take some of the scoring load from him while also having some solid role players such as Kyle Kuzma as part of the supporting cast.

There is no doubt that the Washington Wizards will have competition for Kevin Durant, as many teams have been submitting trade offers to the Brooklyn Nets. We will see if they manage to end up with Kevin Durant, but it's clear the Wizards are at least interested in exploring a trade for the superstar.