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NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Best Destinations for Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis - Chicago Bulls

Despite Davis' incredible performance, the New Orleans Pelicans have 0-5 and they are the worst team in the league right now.

They will be probably better than Philadelphia 76ers at the end of a season, but is that enough for Anthony Davis?

“Definitely frustrating,” Davis said after Tuesday’s 117-113 defeat. “We can’t get a win. It’s frustrating.”

Most people blame GM Dell Demps because he didn't surround Anthony Davis with quality players who could help him to compete against the best team in the Western Conference.

The Unibrow is in the league 5 years and he played only once in the NBA playoffs. I even count this year because he will not play in the playoffs again.

When I look at their roster, they don't even have a good bench. Just check the starting lineup with Tim Fraizer, E'Twaun Moore, Solomon Hill and Dante Cunningham. They are good for the D-League, but not for the Western Conference. Common, Demps, what did you achieve so far for the Pelicans? Almost nothing.

Even if you add two Anthony Davis in their starting lineup, that wouldn't be enough to play against Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs.

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Could Anthony Davis Leave the New Orleans Pelicans?

I know that he has a contract until 2020/21, but I think he will demand a trade in the next two seasons.

Just look at his stats so far: 50, 45, 18, 35 and 10.

He averaged 31.6 points, 11.8 rebounds and 3 blocks with 31.21. PER.

Even Kevin Durant thinks that Anthony Davis is the unstoppable right now.

“It’s hard to defend him,” Durant said. “You can’t. His first step is probably the quickest I’ve seen in a while at his position. He’s long, he can shoot it, he can dribble it, he can shoot the 3 — so he’s doing just about everything out there on the court.”

“[Anthony Davis is] probably going to lead the league in scoring this year easily … 50 for him is a good game, and now [he ’s like] move it to the next one,” Durant said. “It’s kind of a customary night for him, so we’ve got to be prepared tonight.”

On top of that, I think that Anthony Davis will continue to struggle with the Pelicans and that he will play this season and maybe 2017-28 for them and that is it.

He is a superstar and he can always demand a trade. Yes, they must trade him if he demands because what else they can do with him? Maybe to bench him? Of course not.

What do you think, where is the best fit for Anthony Davis?

Check top 3 destinations for Anthony Davis.

3. Toronto Raptors

Yes, he could fit there very well because they are playing like a team and with Lowry and DeRozan he could play defense not just the offense because he spent too much time shooting outside the paint. With Anthony Davis, the Raptors could have really good chances against LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers.

What they can offer? Jonas Valanciunas, DeMarre Carroll, Terrence Ross and future 1st round picks for him.

I really think that he could fit well with the Raptors because they are right now the best team in the Eastern Conference, after LeBron James. Also, the East is easiest than West and he could play at least in the Eastern Conference Finals. Common, he played only once in the playoffs in his career. The Eastern Conference is a bonus for him.

2. Los Angeles Clippers

This is maybe science fiction, but I would like to watch Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Anthony Davis together. These two big men are moving great and Chris Paul will have unlimited options to finish, and he will finally play in the Western Conference Finals.

Golden State Warriors have a super team, San Antonio Spurs are always amongst the best team in the league, and Anthony Davis with the Clippers could compete against them.

What the Clippers can offer? DeAndre Jordan, J.J. Redick and Jamal Crawford. That is a fair offer for Anthony Davis, to be honest.

The Clippers must pull a trigger and they can't risk losing Chris Paul or Blake Griffin next season. DeAndre Jordan is a good player and one of the best defenders, but Anthony Davis is a better fit because he can protect the rim and he can score after pick and pop or roll with Chris Paul.


1. Chicago Bulls

This is his hometown and I know it's a risk for him (Wade is old, Rondo is inconsistent, Butler is not yet amongst Top 10 players), but if these three players could stay together with Anthony Davis, maybe we could watch the Bulls in the NBA Finals in the next 2-3 years.

As I said before, the Eastern Conference is a bonus for him. Only LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers could be their rival if they can bring the Unibrow.. Toronto Raptors have an amazing team, but Anthony Davis is the superstar who makes a difference.

What Chicago Bulls can offer? Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic, Denzel Valentine and future 1st (or 2nd) round picks.

What do you think, long term, where is the best destination for Anthony Davis?


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