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NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Best Destinations for Iman Shumpert!

Iman Shumpert trade rumors

NBA Trade Rumors are still active, can Iman Shumpert leave the Cavs and join some other team? Minnesota is at the top of the list, but there are several teams that want Shumpert on their roster.

We activated NBA Trade Machine once again and discussed NBA trade rumors 2016 and especially Cavs trade rumors.

"Keep an eye on ImanShumpert. Several teams, including Minnesota, have inquired about his availability in the past few weeks and gotten the impression Cleveland is ready to talk, according to several league sources. The Cavs won't salary-dump Shump for nothing, but given their tax situation, cutting payroll by a few million promises exponential savings."

Giving Shumpert can influence huge on their roster in April and May, but they should look to cut the payrolls a bit and that can be a trigger for this trade to happen. April is far away and many things can change until NBA Playoffs 2017, but Gilbert is thinking about the future for sure. They are almost 100% secure Eastern Conference Champions, but Celtics, Raptors, Pacers and others won't surrender easily.

"The Cavs need Shumpert, or at least the fully realized version of a player like him, to scamper and switch with Golden State's small lineups. Without him, they risk overtaxing Dunleavy, Richard Jefferson, and their extra bigs."

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Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves is the team that is most heated for Iman Shumpert. Combining him and Wiggins would be potential the best shooting guard position in the NBA. Wiggins as an offensive machine and Shumpert as a defensive machine will share minutes and be a complement duo and can fill each other shortens.

Cleveland Cavaliers are in the search for a third backup point guard and Minnesota can offer Tyus Jones, 20 years old, 6' 2" point guard. If they add him they will rely on youth mostly because they have Irving, Felder, and Jones on PG position. Here is Jordan McRae, but it's unknown what Cavs GM plan to do with him.

There are few obstacles for this trade to happen. Minnesota should give two players for Shumpert because they aren't willing to trade their superstars and others aren't good enough to be traded 1:1 for Iman.

With this, they will need to pay full tax amount and that's something that Dan Gilbert wouldn't like to happen. The full tax amount for the Cavs this year is astonishing $32M. Maybe they will put the third team in this trade, but it's still unknown.

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia is the team that can offer PG for the Cavs. Currently, on the roster, they have Jerryd Bayless, T.J. McConnell, and Sergio Rodriguez. In the beginning, TJ was the first option because Bayless is injured at the moment, but Rodriguez, recuperator to the NBA, scored 12 points and had 9 assists and 4 rebounds in the first game for the Sixers this season.

Jerryd Bayless will return in 3-4 weeks and maybe they can trade him to the Cavs. Sixers don't have big plans and they can rely on Rodriguez and TJ as two point guards on the roster. Also, they have four shooting guards on the roster and some of them can be a great trade asset for bringing Shumpert to the team.

Houston Rockets

Adding 34 points and 17 assists, James Harden proved that he can be a point guard. He proved that in the last season too, but there were some doubters as always. Next to him, on point guard position we can find three players. Patrick Beverley, Tyler Ennis, and Bobby Brown.

Beverley is injured and will return at the end of November or early December. When he returns, with Harden as the first option on PG, he will be a backup point guard and it's easy to conclude that Ennis or Brown are the not-needed extra. Bobby Brown played in various teams and this 32 years old point guard collected 113 games in the NBA. He also was a couple of years in Europe, where he was playing a great basketball.

Ennis joined the Rockets a month ago, coming from the Bucks in exchange for Michael Beasley. He is a young prospect, but he can easily take his talents to Cleveland. Besides them, Cleveland will look for someone next to the point guard and Houston can offer some SF or PF, that can take a couple of minutes from LeBron in the March, when everything will be destined.


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