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NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Best Trade Packages For Anthony Davis

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The basketball Gods have spoken. The Draft lottery has already taken place and teams can start planning ahead of who they’re going to pick a couple of months from now as their marquee player.

However, there’s an ongoing situation that just can’t be ignored: Anthony Davis still wants out of the New Orleans Pelicans despite them winning the lottery to have the chance to land Zion Williamson.

With him set to leave the team no matter what, just a handful of players have enough assets to try and pull the trigger on a trade for him and also have the chance to keep him beyond this season. Today, we’ll let you know about the best trade packages for Anthony Davis:

4. New York Knicks

Trade Package: Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, Mitchell Robinson, 3rd Pick

The New York Knicks are reportedly going to be in win-now mode after years of struggles, and even though they didn’t land Zion Williamson in the lottery, they’ll still try and make a run at Anthony Davis.

With them in the driving seat to sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, Davis would be more than thrilled to extend his stay at the Garden once the season comes to an end, but they’d have to give away a lot of talent in order to get him.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

Trade Package: Ben Simmons, Future Pick

The Philadelphia 76ers are right on the verge of becoming a Championship contender, but some people within the organization feel as if they would be better off by moving on from Ben Simmons this summer.

While we love the Simmons-Embiid duo, Davis could really take them a step forward and his presence would be more than enough to convince Butler, Redick, and Harris to stay with the team.

2. Boston Celtics

Trade Package: Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, Future Pick

Danny Ainge is no stranger to blockbuster deals and he has proved that he’s not afraid of making bold and risky moves to strengthen his team, and he was the one that managed to convince the Pelicans to wait until the summer to deal Davis.

The Celtics are set to be without Kyrie Irving and they don’t have enough cap space to make a run at a superstar in the summer, so they might as well risk it all and send their 2 future stars and Gordon Hayward and hope Davis decides to stay at Boston.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

Trade Package: Brandon Ingram or Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, 4th Overall Pick

The Los Angeles Lakers need to find a way to pair LeBron James with a superstar in the summer, and Davis has already let everybody know about his desire to play for the franchise once he hits free agency.

If Brandon Ingram is healthy, they could pair him with Lonzo Ball and the 4th overall pick. Otherwise, they’d have to include Kyle Kuzma. They would also have enough cap space to sign another star and create a Big 3 of their own.


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