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NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Best Trade Packages For Karl-Anthony Towns

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Ever since entering the league (and even before that), Karl-Anthony Towns was drawing a lot of attention both on and off the court, being a well articulate young man that was constantly showing glimpses of greatness in the offensive end of the floor.

Towns have the outstanding footwork and a sweet scoring touch from all over the hardwood and even led the NBA in double-doubles the prior season as one of the league’s best rebounders for two years in a row.

Posting averages of 25.1 points, 12.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.3 blocks per game in over 54% shooting, Towns has become an offensive stud that all teams would crave having down low, but according to several reports, the Minnesota Timberwolves are actually considering moving him during the summer.

Tom Thibodeau has made a name for himself for being a defensive guru and Towns has mightily struggled to adjust and be a consistent defender, and it seems like him and the franchise are not on the same page anymore. That’s why today, we’re going to let you know about the top 4 trade offers they could get for Karl-Anthony Towns.

4. Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier

The Boston Celtics have thrived all year long thanks to their depth and how their young ballers have stepped up in the absences of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, but they’re going to have to move at least a couple of players for sure in order to make room for their two All-Stars.

Also, pairing KAT and Horford would offer them one of the most dynamic frontcourts in the league, while Brad Stevens would definitely find a way to hide some of KAT’s defensive flaws as well. Also, Minny would get one of the league’s top-tier defenders in Marcus Smart, a great scorer off the bench on Rozier, and a potential franchise player on Jaylen Brown.

3. Los Angeles Lakers: Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Ivica Zubac

The Los Angeles Lakers are done rebuilding and are going to be extremely aggressive during the summer in order to land top-notch names to go back to Championship contention, even if that means parting ways with some of the young studs they tanked so hard to get over the last couple of years.

Parting ways with Lonzo would be difficult for them, although they would finally get LaVar Ball off their heads. On the other hand, moving Brandon Ingram would make a lot of sense as they’re trying to get Paul George and LeBron James.

2. San Antonio Spurs: Kawhi Leonard

The San Antonio Spurs are going to try and move Kawhi Leonard during the summer for sure after several reports point towards Leonard bailing on his teammates and the franchise and likely heading out the door after deciding to sit for most of the campaign and even during the playoffs.

So, they could straight away offer Kawhi for Towns and it would be a win-win situation, with Minnesota trying to move Andrew Wiggins for spare parts or a scoring big man and having two of the best two-way guard/forwards in Leonard and Butler under Thibodeau’s tutelage.

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1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kevin Love, Cedi Osman, Jordan Clarkson and 8th Pick

The Cleveland Cavaliers need to prepare for two different scenarios: either James leaves again or he decides to stay. Having said that, landing a top-notch scorer and perennial All-Star of the likes of KAT would definitely help to convince the King to stay put or at least would become the team’s franchise player going forward.

This would likely mean that Kevin Love would go back to the team where he played for most of his career and where people still values and cherishes him a lot. Osman is a two-way stud in the making but is still kind of rough, and the 8th overall pick would also make this deal extremely appealing and hard to reject for the Timberwolves.