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NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Grand Slam Offers For Kawhi Leonard

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Kawhi Leonard wants out of the San Antonio Spurs for good and controversial as it may be, the Texan franchise would just have to face facts and start taking offers for their top-tier All-Star and franchise player.

Even though he wants to leave, the Spurs still have a lot of leverage here, and they’re definitely not going to rush to pull any deal off considering we’re talking about one of the best players in the world here.

That being said, obviously Leonard has going to draw a lot of interest and teams will line up to try and make an offer for him, but just a handful of franchises have the kind of assets to actually land him this summer. Today, we’ll let you know about the top 4 trade packages the Spurs could get for him.

4. Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia is still a relatively young and unproven team. And with the ongoing front office controversies, it could be hard to attract the veteran stars they need to be great. But grabbing a star like Kawhi could be the exact piece they need to attract more stars. And with Pop leaving soon, Kawhi looking to go, and all their stars on the verge of retirement, the Spurs will be looking to start with an inexperienced yet promising young core; and Philly has that in abundance. The package the Spurs would most likely take is Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Markelle Fultz, their 10th overall pick, and their 2019 1st round pick.

This would give the Spurs a young player to learn from a star at their position (SF for Covington, PF for Dario Saric and PG for Fultz), a draft pick that could turn into Trae Young or a promising forward like Miles Bridges, and the best draft pick next year between Sixers and Spurs. All of these pieces could fall perfectly in place, allowing San Antonio to bypass the rebuilding process.

3. Boston Celtics

The Celtics are at the end of the road that the Spurs, Sixers, and Cavs all find themselves on. They’re ready to start winning now, and could use a player like Kawhi to start doing that. For him, they could give up Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier; plus their 27th overall pick.

This would give the Spurs a young core to build around and it would give the Celtics a scary good lineup of Irving, Leonard, Hayward, Taytum, and Horford. And with the cap space that they clear, the Celtics could sign some great rotational pieces in free agency.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers need to start planning for an eventual LeBron James departure, and getting Kawhi would definitely make the King think things true and extend his stay at the Land to have another shot at the Golden State Warriors.

But, even if James winds up leaving the team, Leonard would be the newest face of the franchise, although he would rather play for a much bigger market for sure. In order to get him, they’d have to trade away Cedi Osman, Ante Zizic, Kevin Love and the 8th overall pick of this Draft.

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1. Los Angeles Lakers

No offseason moves list would be complete without mentioning the Lakers. They seem to be poised for just about anything right now, and acquiring Kawhi Leonard is no different. The Lakers could really help the Spurs out, and the Spurs could help the Lakers by engaging in a Kawhi Leonard trade. The Lakers could give the Spurs Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and a future first-round pick for Kawhi. This would help the Spurs by giving them some exciting prospects at the guard and forward spots, as well as a draft pick to help move along a rebuild.

The Lakers would get the first superstar needed to draw a player like LeBron or Paul George, as well as getting a mentor for an unproven Lonzo Ball. The Lakers would be well on their way to reliving just a touch of their former glory, and the Spurs would be able to bypass a total rebuild and just do a smaller version, which is something the people of San Antonio are hoping for.