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NBA Trade Rumors: Almost Nobody Wants John Wall


For a superstar pass-first point guard, you would think that John Wall would generate some major interest on the trade market.

But since the Wizards put him on there last week, there haven’t been many teams interested, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

"I think the Bradley Beal situation we'll monitor," said Woj. "There's very few teams who wouldn't be interested in Bradley Beal. The contract. The player. The age. 25 years old. His skill set. Shooting threes. I know Washington has fielded a lot of calls since last week.

John Wall is a very different situation. You can count on one hand, and probably with just a couple of fingers places that really might have interest in taking his contract on and what it all means to bring him in.

I would never say there's no market for John Wall, but I think Bradley Beal has a much broader market. But if Washington was going to do something, they would have to get every last asset they could for Bradley Beal."

Wall really is a good player, but his skill set is limited. He can’t shoot very well, his defense isn’t the best, and he appears to lack a certain ability to truly take over games as most other stars can.

To make matters worse, the $207 million contract extension he signed back in 2017 kicks in this summer, meaning whatever team decides to trade for him will also be committing to pay him extremely large sums of money for the next couple of years.

It is an unfortunate situation.

For Washington, their only option for acquiring assets will have to be through Bradley Beal. As Woj reported, there’s already a number of offers on the table for him.

Meanwhile, for Wall, the only thing that’s left for him to do is to prove everyone wrong.

On all fronts, it’ll be one heck of a waiting game for Washington. As their season dwindles away with every loss, the pressure for change grows higher and higher. Thing is, getting rid of their supposed biggest problem is proving to be nearly impossible.

And that’s a big problem.