As teams begin to figure out their place in their respective conferences, some will look to make major changes in an effort to improve their standing.

Those same teams will probably look to Jimmy Butler to bring those changes.

We know that talks with the Heat fell apart after Tom Thibedou tried to sneak in another. Since then, things have fallen eerily quiet, and nobody is quite sure why.

With so much of the hype suddenly gone, it's caused a lot in the community to question what comes next for both Butler and the Timberwolves.

Thankfully, we did end up getting a few updates on the situation.

In a report by Shams Charania, the earlier reported deal from Miami of four future first rounders is unlikely to get done, as Minnesota is just showing no interest.

The Rockets are not making much traction on their front, but in a separate report by Stefano Furaso, the Wolves have apparently re-engaged talks with another team.

While Jimmy does have the start tonight against Milwaukee, it sounds like the team is still looking to get him out, even if it's proving to be a challenge.

Though, at this point, urgency is at an all-time high.