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NBA Trade Rumors: Blazers Are Looking To Make A Trade


With a first-place standing in the Wild West, the Portland Trailblazers are not content with who they’ve got, or, at least, they want to add to their infamous backcourt core.

According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, the team is looking to acquire another “high impact player” as the trading deadline draws closer.

Portland cannot take a talent on McCollum's level for granted. There is no guarantee they will acquire anyone that good over the next decade. They want to supplement the Lillard/McCollum duo with a third impact player, per sources around the league.

They could dangle their first-round pick to chase someone like Taurean Prince, hoping he develops into a real 3-and-D starter with more off-the-bounce juice than Harkless or Aminu.

Perhaps they could wrest Otto Porter Jr. from Washington. Throw a player like that alongside Lillard, McCollum, and Collins, and Portland's future looks interesting.

After getting swept last postseason, the Blazers nearly fell apart before pushing through and keeping the pieces together.

While they seem to be on the right track this year, it’s nothing we haven’t seen in seasons past. The problem for Portland has always been the postseason, where the duo tandem of Lillard and McCollum have not been enough. With another piece (maybe Porter Jr., maybe Prince, maybe someone else like Nic Batum or Kenneth Faried), assuming Zach Collins turns out to be the player Portland thinks he’ll be, it might be the difference maker they’ve been waiting for.

Maybe this time, if they pull their cards right, they’ll finally be playing for something more than just another playoff appearance. And if you're Portland, a team who just wants to be taken seriously, that has got to be a good feeling.