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NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics Have Had Their Eye On Anthony Davis For Years


Look, you'd be hard-pressed to find a team that hasn't thought about Anthony Davis at least a few dozen times over the past few seasons. The 25-year-old big man can literally do it all on the court, and he'd be the bridge from mediocrity to contention for just about any franchise.

But wanting or "thinking" about Davis doesn't quite sum up how the Celtics have been pursuing him in the past couple of years. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski recently provided an update on the Boston/Anthony Davis narrative and found another word to describe what's been going on.

“Boston has been hawking Anthony Davis for years,” " target="_blank" rel="noopener">Wojnarowski said in a chat with Zach Lowe. “They always hoped that it would be, whether it’s the end of this season or the beginning of next before the trade deadline, that they would gather up all those assets, all those picks Danny Ainge has, [all the] young players, and they’d be the team to be able to get Anthony Davis. But now you have L.A. and if they get shut out in free agency, they’re going to have to take all their young players to try to use them to get Anthony Davis.”

"Hawking" implies the team has been sort of hovering above Davis, waiting for their opportunity to snag him. If we are to listen to most NBA execs, that time is fastly approaching.

It'll likely take everything (Tatum, Brown, picks, and whatever else), but a player like The Brow would be worth it in the long-haul. Especially because they know the Lakers are trying to steal him away as well.