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NBA Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers are pursuing third backup point guard!

Kyrie Irving

The Cavaliers are pursuing a trade to acquire a backup point guard and are hoping to make a deal before the season starts Tuesday.

The Cavs are in advanced discussions with at least one club, according to a source, and could make one or multiple trades to fill the one, glaring need on a team otherwise built to defend its 2016 championship.

NBA Trade Machine has started again and we are probably going to see a new trade in Cleveland. Right now Cavs have Kyrie Irving, Jordan McRae, Kay Felder and Mo Williams.

Kyrie Irving will be the starting point guard for sure, but Cavs want to minimize his minutes on the court and with current players on the roster they can do it, but the quality is low.

Kay Felder

Kay Felder

Kay Felder will be a backup point guard, but he isn't ready to handle extended minutes backing up Kyrie Irving. Jordan McRae was the best scorer in the preseason for the Cavs, but they see him as SG or SF. In that case, he will be a third or fourth option on these positions which means that he won't spend many minutes on the court.

The Cavs also have Mo Williams' expiring $2.2 million contract. Williams told the Cavs he would retire, but never filed paperwork with the league and no buyout reached with Cleveland. So until Williams is either traded or cut, he occupies one of the team's 15 roster spots.

Besides that, the Cavs have $11M space in their salary cap, so they can land a significant contract. If they trade someone they will make more space in the salary cap.

They can't rely on Mo Williams because his knees aren't in good shape. Kay Felder can play the full role of backup point guard and Cavs don't see McRae in that position.

Jordan McRae

Jordan McRae

They are searching for a veteran point guard to fill that gap in their roster. They have talked with Kirk Hinrich, Norris Cole, and Mario Chalmers. Norris Cole signed to play professionally in China and Chalmers is injured and won't return until January on the court.

Also, Atlanta Hawks waived Jarrett Jack and that can be the option for the Cavs, but it seems that they don't want him. Are they willing to sacrifice Jordan McRae's shining potential? We will see. No matter what, the Cavs will be the first contender for NBA Finals from Eastern Conference.

Source: Cleveland Cavaliers


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