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NBA Trade Rumors: Denver Nuggets Could Go All-In For Bradley Beal

(via Washington Post)

(via Washington Post)

The Western Conference may be up for grabs, but the competition is deeper than ever. The Rockets, Blazers, Clippers, and Lakers are just some of the teams competing for the top this season.

Among them are the Denver Nuggets, one of the league's biggest surprises last season. After losing in the second round to the Portland Trail Blazers, they are coming back this year hungry for redemption.

But it will take more than a strong spirit to win the West, and the Nuggs may have to make a power move if they want to really be taken seriously.

According to Matt Burke of Metro USA, one such move may involve Washington's Bradley Beal.

"Bradley Beal will be traded before he reaches unrestricted free agency in the summer of 2021, it’s just a question of when – as there is currently only a small market that could swing a deal for the All-Star sharpshooter.

The most likely scenario is Beal getting dealt next summer, as that is when the Wizards could make the 2-guard the hottest commodity on the market. Next summer will not be nearly as crazy in free agency, but the trade market could prove to provide several blockbusters.

The Nuggets are the third team here that could find themselves at a crossroads at this year’s deadline or next summer. Denver is known for its depth, but GM Arturas Karnisovas may soon realize that this league still rewards teams that build star-heavy superteams. Karnisovas could look to swing a Thunder – Clippers Paul George – like deal with Washington if the Nuggets look like they’re still runner-up material this season.”

Depending on how things play out, we may see Denver take extreme measures to improve their chances this spring. As one of the best shooters in the game, he would certainly move the Nuggets up several tiers in the West.

But are the Nuggets willing to sacrifice the depth they have prided themselves so much on this year?