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NBA Trade Rumors: Denver Nuggets Want Kevin Love

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Cleveland Cavaliers are having a nightmare of a season so far and there’s a chance that the club will look to explore the possibilities of trading their one-star player, Kevin Love.

The February Trade Deadline is coming up soon which is putting more pressure on the Cavaliers for what they should do with the Five-Time All-Star. Although he’s been extremely valuable for the Cavs, the franchise is facing a rebuilding stage that has no place for Kevin Love.

If they do decide to trade him in the next couple of months, then one club that may be a front-runner for Love is the Denver Nuggets who have expressed their interest in the Power Forward.

Marc Stein of the New York Times reported on Tuesday that the Nuggets have to be tempted with making a big move to bring in Love for a genuine chance at a championship this season.

"Denver has maintained a longstanding fondness for Love, which makes you wonder if the Nuggets will be tempted to make a win-now play for the All-Star forward amid their wholly unexpected rise to the top of the West."

Kevin Love has only played the four games this season due to a toe injury, but he is expected to recover soon which means he would be a vital addition for any franchise that will be competing in the postseason.

Since Love recently signed a five-year deal worth a total of $113.2 million, therefore the Nuggets would need to match that contract while offering the Cavaliers some talented young players. It’s certainly a risk but sometimes risks need to be made to have a chance at competing for a championship.