NBA Trade Rumors: Detroit Pistons Can Create A Big 3 With Chris Paul

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Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Pistons need to make another move to truly take that next step. A step which would turn them into viable contenders in an up for grabs Eastern Conference. We have to answer a few important questions first. What is the deal that could make this potential move happen? Why would both the Thunder and Pistons do business together? It takes two to make a trade.

The Thunder are not planning to keep Chris Paul long-term. Sam Presti is interested in a rebuild by obtaining high draft picks and young players with solid upside. The ability to attain more young assets is why the Thunder would do the deal. Having a vet like Chris Paul does not match the direction or present goals of this franchise. Chris Paul is chasing a ring and caring more for legacy.

The Pistons with this move instantly have a big three with CP3, Blake Griffin, and Andre Drummond. Lob City could reform in the Eastern Conference and pick up on any leftover business. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin did not end on good terms, but their chemistry is undeniable.

The NBA is a business and the ability to cut your losses and share a goal is bigger than basketball. Andre Drummond arguably is an upgrade over DeAndre Jordan because he’s younger and trying to expand his game more.

The Pistons would look like potential contenders in the East with this move. Picture a starting 5 of Chris Paul, Bruce Brown, Luke Kennard, Blake Griffin, and Andre Drummond. That’s a tremendous first five. The bench would include names like Derrick Rose, Markieff Morris, Tim Frazier, Khyri Thomas, and potentially adding a guy such as Pau Gasol makes for a very solid ball club. They would have to give up a package of Reggie Jackson, Langston Galloway, Thon Maker and Tony Snell to likely make it work.

Why would the Thunder do this deal? The ability to add young assets in return. Reggie Jackson returning to OKC adds some excitement. The Thunder would also have potentially the best point guard depth in the league with Jackson, Shai, and Schroder. The additions of Langston Galloway and Tony Snell add floor spacers to an offense that could helplessly use some. Thon Maker is also an intriguing young big with loads of upside on both ends of the floor. A stretch five and freaky athletic rim protector.