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NBA Trade Rumors: Heat Could Acquire Blake Griffin

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Following their embarrassing first-round defeat at the hands of Milwaukee, it seems inevitable that the Detroit Pistons are headed for another offseason overhaul.

Could Blake Griffin be the moving piece? Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, that possibility certainly exists as the Pistons go on a bit of soul-searching this summer.

“If Miami Heat president Pat Riley sniffs a hint of desperation from the Motor City, he’ll pounce to land one of his coveted white whales. Naturally, he’ll also try to do so at a discount. As good as Griffin looked this season—he’ll find himself on more than a few MVP ballots—he’s still wildly expensive and has a frightening injury history. His latest knee problem limited him to two games and 58 minutes during the first-round sweep.”

To say the Griffin/Drummond experiment has been a failure would not be a ridiculous statement. While they did make the playoffs, they barely got in despite being in the weaker conference. The team has been "meh" at everything, and it seems the Pistons do not mesh well with both Drummond and Griffin on the floor.

Blake and his MVP talent would do well on the trade market and could help Detroit start over. If they can convince a team to take on Blake's contract, and the heavy injury history associated with it, it could be what they need to finally rebuild the right way.

Miami could fit the bill in that regard. Pat Riley and the organization are no strangers to taking risks and are not known for their reluctance to make the big, blockbuster move.

They could offer up Josh Richardson, Kelly Olynyk, and Derrick Jones Jr. Which means they could pair Griffin with Whiteside, Adebayo, Dragic and one of the best coaching minds in Eric Spoelstra. For a team that has been failing to revive their former glory days, they could certainly do a whole lot worse.