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NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks Not Interested In Dealing Kristaps Porzingis


When news emerged that the Cavaliers were eyeballing Kristaps Porzingis in trade talks, it was a real possibility that a deal could get done.

While it's not impossible that one could still happen, it seems unlikely according to the latest reports out of New York.

Sadly for the Cavaliers, sources claim that New York is "uninterested" in trading their young big man in any trade talks for Kyrie Irving, meaning the Cavs' most coveted trade target is off the market for good.

According to reports, New York considers Kristaps part of their future, and aren't likely to trade him anytime soon. This must be welcome news for Knicks fans, as KP has been involved in trade rumors all year long.

For the Cavs, however, it's another huge blow to their plan. Recently, they decided to go young in trade talks to prepare for a potential rebuild if LeBron leaves. Thier top target was said to be Porzingis, who would pair nicely with James.

But those plans may be in danger if a deal doesn't come up soon. If something doesn't come up, the Cavs may have to either hold on to Irving for a while or settle for a lesser deal. So far, things look bleak in The Land, and a rebuild may be around the corner.

Even a rebuild, though, may not be enough unless the Cavs can get the right pieces to start it.