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NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks "To Be Aggressive" In Pursuit Of Anthony Davis


The New York Knicks have been sniffing the Eastern Conference bunker for some time now. Following the departure of Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks have been waiting for the next superstar to arrive.

With Anthony Davis' trade request being made public, the Knicks might finally be done waiting.

In a report by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski earlier in the day, Rich Paul (Davis' agent) informed the Pelicans that he would like to be traded (preferably to a contending team) and has no intention of signing an extension with New Orleans. The floodgates have been opened, but not everyone has an equal chance.

Because Davis can opt out and become a free agent next summer, any team that trades for him must be confident in their ability to keep him. Obviously, the price for him will be steep, and it wouldn't be wise to give a lit up for a player who is likely to leave next summer anyway.

This puts teams like the Celtics, Lakers, and Warriors in a good position because they can provide the type of situation Davis is looking for. The Knicks, obviously, are not amongst the ranks of contenders.

Meaning they'd be taking a huge risk in trading for him. Even despite that fact, the Knicks will be "aggressive" in their pursuit of him.

"The New York Knicks need to decide whether they would be willing to make their No. 1 pick unprotected this year available,"Windhorst said during an appearance on ESPN's "Get Up!" (H/T Business Insider). "If they would, I believe they could put together a competitive offer that would help the Pelicans do a rebuild, and they could get their hands on Anthony Davis in the next 10 days."

He also seemed sure that Anthony does have interest in playing for New York, even with the current state of the roster.

"If I am the New York Knicks, I am convening a meeting this morning," Windhorst said. "Anthony Davis has some interest in playing for the Knicks. It's not Lakers or bust."

Obviously, Davis would be a massive get for the Knicks. They would have to give up Kristaps Porzingis and a couple picks, but they'd be in good position (with The Brow) to lure in somebody else for the summer. So, for them, this type of acquisition extends beyond the trade deadline.

Whether or not their offer can compete with the Lakers' is something only the Pelicans will decide. Either way, no matter what happens, Anthony Davis is about the change the fortunes of one lucky NBA franchise.