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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers And Bulls Discussing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Jabari Parker Swap

Jabari Parker

Amidst the great Anthony Davis trade, it seems the Lakers might have a few more moves up their sleeve.

On his podcast, ESPN's Brian Windhorst discussed a potential Jabari Parker/Caldwell-Pope swap that could take place before the February 7th trade deadline.

“[KCP] is available and has been floated out there for some spots. One place that they have talked to, now I’m not saying this deal is going to get done, but one place they have talked to is Chicago for Jabari Parker. And the thing about this is Caldwell-Pope has to approve of a trade … I’m not sure that’s going to get done but that’s been discussed. The Bulls really like Caldwell-Pope … Parker could be a Laker within the next few days. Jabari is a polarizing player but he might be interesting on the Lakers.”

For the Bulls, they'd get a solid two-way player that could replace a guy in Parker that they aren't too fond of anyway. And for the Lakers, Jabari Parker is a bit of a Pandora's box. While he's still young and got potential, his porous defense coupled with injury troubles in the past make him a risky player to take on.

Still, if all it will cost is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, why not make it happen?