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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Could Create An Amazing Big Three With LeBron James, Anthony Davis, And Russell Westbrook

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

The Los Angeles Lakers are just two wins away from the NBA Finals. With LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and a strong supporting cast taking care of business, it seems inevitable to most that they will be the team to lift the Larry O'Brien trophy when these bubble playoffs are all said and done.

But things won't get any easier next season, especially for teams in the Western Conference. The Timberwolves are eager to test the power of their new duo, the Warriors will have their stars healthy, and the Clippers will be out for revenge following the brutal end to their 2019-20 campaign.

If the Lakers want to put themselves in a position to compete for Championships over the next few years to come, they cannot remain stagnant. They have to make a move.

And for the NBA's most highly-lucrative franchise, what better way to make a team with two superstars better than by adding a third?

In an article by Fansided's "Lake Show Life," Jonathan Kiernan detailed a scenario that could result in L.A. acquiring 2017 NBA MVP, Russell Westbrook:

The Houston Rockets receive: SG/SF Danny Green, SG/SF Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, C JaVale McGee, and PG Rajon Rondo

The Los Angeles Lakers receive: PG Russell Westbrook

The Rockets, who are coming off yet another disappointing season, may decide to blow things up, and trading Russ could be the only real way to start over and get pieces that are better-suited for their playstyle.

The Houston Rockets parted way with a couple of picks and Chris Paul to land Russell Westbrook. To say it has backfired on them is an understatement. Chris Paul with the Oklahoma City Thunder how far outshone Westbrook in virtually every way. With respect to the Houston Rockets organization, the experiment failed spectacularly and nothing short of a rebuild is on the horizon for Houston. Cut ties with Westbrook, shake his huge contract, and move on.

While giving up so much depth for an inefficient and heavily flawed superstar may seem unnecessary, the circumstances are brewing an environment that could make Westbrook a valuable asset for the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers badly need a 3rd star to take the pressure off an aging LeBron James going into next season. Lakersnation cannot expect LeBron to play at an MVP caliber level all season next year. He will be 36 years of age come next season and saving his body for the playoffs will be key. If the purple and gold can have LeBron play at 70% all regular season and 100% during the playoffs, they get the best of both Worlds.

If used correctly, Russell Westbrook is the ideal 3rd star next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

It would be Westbrook's third team in three years, and it's becoming clear that his worth has dipped since winning league MVP a few years ago.

Alongside LeBron and A.D., however, one has to think all that would change.

But unless L.A. decides to take that risk, we may never get the chance to find out.