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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Could Send Lonzo To Wizards In Deal For Bradley Beal

(via AM 970 The Answer)

(via AM 970 The Answer)

Since the beginning of his short NBA career, Lonzo Ball has been connected to myriads of trade rumors. The Lakers' clock has always been rather short, and there has always been a sense that the team just does not have the patience to keep a guy like him around.

Among some of the most recent rumors, the former #2 overall pick could be used as a trade pawn for Washington sharpshooter, Bradley Beal.

Lonzo's game is flawed, but there is a reason why the Wizards are so adamant about welcoming him in any trade for Beal. He is a young, talented guard with a mountain of potential. Though he struggles to shoot the ball, his defensive prowess and ability to get others involved makes him a valuable player.

With Lonzo and the 4th pick, the Lakers would likely have enough to seal the deal.

Bradley Beal and LeBron would make an admirable pair. At just 25-years-old, he had one of his best professional seasons, leading the Wizards in scoring.

Giving up future talent is always a hard choice, but it will be a necessary one if the Lakers hope to contend for a Championship in the three more seasons they have LeBron.