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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Make Big Offer For Anthony Davis

ANthony Davis

Anthony Davis and his camp are doing everything in their power to get him to Los Angeles. But even with some leverage, it's proving to be quite a challenge.

The Pelicans have, so far, been unimpressed by the offers thrown their way, including the several scenarios presented to them by the Lakers. Most were of the impression that the Celtics were the only team truly capable of offering the Pelicans what they want.

The Lakers, apparently, have put themselves back in the conversation lately. In a report by the L.A. Times' Brad Turner, they've offered up a new and improved deal that has the Pelicans listening.

Not only have the Lakers added an additional pick to the offer, but they've also suggested taking on the contract of Solomon Hill, who is due to make over $25 million through 2020.

Good news is, the Pelicans seem at least somewhat intrigued by the deal, as Turner reveals the two teams have talked multiple times today. The bad news is, this is probably the absolute best the Lakers could do. If New Orleans is still not sold on the package, there's not much more L.A. could do.

With February 7th trade deadline fast approaching, it will be an intense couple of days for the Lakers as they look to secure one of the NBA's most dominating big men.