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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Will Not Make Any Move That Hurts Their Chances At Acquiring Anthony Davis


About halfway through the 2019/19 season, the Lakers find themselves in a weird position.

They have the assets to make a deal and would like to help the team improve this season, but are unwilling to make any trade that either hinders their chances at acquiring Anthony Davis or hurts their salary cap to an extent that would prevent them from signing one of this summer's top free agent targets.

(via Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report)

The Lakers will likely sit out any move that hurts their shot at Davis later or negatively impacts their projected cap space in July, which could be enough to sign a player like Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson or Kawhi Leonard as a free agent.

"That leaves the Lakers in an awkward position, where they would love to make a deal before the Feb. 7 trade deadline, but only as long as that trade doesn't negatively affect their summer flexibility.

'We're in win-now mode,' a Lakers executive said.

But the definition of "now" is vague. It probably means "win now, unless it costs us Davis, Durant, Thompson or Leonard later."

What this likely means, is that the Lakers feel confident they can acquire one of the big names available this offseason.

But they've been down that road before. The reason they didn't trade for Paul George of Kawhi (besides not wanting to give up their young guys) is that they were sure they'd come in free agency. George ended up committing long-term in Oklahoma City, while Kahwi seems comfortable in Toronto, with his team boasting the best record in the NBA.

What it also means is that the Lakers will probably not be trading for Bradley Beal, Kemba Walker, or any other apparently tradeable name before the February trade deadline.

Thus, for the Lakers, they're confirming everyone's early season prediction: it's not about now.

It's about what they can surround LeBron with for the next few years to come.