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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Willing To Give Up Anyone Besides LeBron In Anthony Davis Deal


Stars as good as Anthony Davis only come once in a generation. It's why the Pelicans are so desperate to keep him, and why everyone else is so desperate to get him. Thing is, with these stars, there's only so much losing that can happen before they find themselves thinking about other teams.

The Pelicans are, unfortunately, running out of time in their attempt to not only maximize his talent but keep him in town to avoid another long rebuild. This has made the Lakers especially invested in Davis, as they know his chances of success in New Orleans remain low.

If they can trade for him, they should have enough to convince The Brow he should stay for more years to come. To get him, they'll have to give up almost all of their young core, which wouldn't be an easy choice for L.A... but it would be something the Lakers would be willing to do if it meant getting the best big man in the game.

(via Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson)

In a chat with Robinson on the "Scoop B" radio show, Jason McIntyre of FS1 did add that he doesn't see any type of Davis trade happening before the summer.

“I’m going to go ahead and say ‘no’ on Anthony Davis this year.

“Well, there’s no way they’re trading him this season. I mean, yeah…I would say 0 percent chance of that happening. If they abandon, just move the franchise to Seattle if you’re going to trade Anthony Davis mid-season. I mean they would be fools, I don’t think they would do that.”

No doubt the Pelicans are less than eager to trade their franchise star. It makes sense that they'd hang on to him at least until this season ends. So don't expect any roster shake-ups from the Lakers this season either.

Once free agency hits, the fun will start. And when these Davis sweepstakes are at their highest, it'll be interesting to see just how much teams will be willing to give up in order to get him.