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NBA Trade Rumors: LeBron James Might Not Be The Only One Leaving Cleveland


When the Cavs walked off the court Friday night, it signaled the start of a season unkown.

Will LeBron James ever play for the Cavs again? How could this team hope to improve, even if LeBron comes back? Where does the team go from here?

But in the midst of these concerns lies the future of Kevin Love, who is apparently not guaranteed to be a Cavalier next season, either. Per ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the Cavs would use Love to "start over," in the case of James' departure this summer.

"They start over," Windhorst said of the Cavaliers. "They fully make Kevin Love available. I bet they would look for a first-round pick in that trade. He's on the last year of a deal, so they don't want to take on money."

So, it seems that if King James elects to leave this summer, Kevin Love may follow him out of the door. What kind of return the Cavs could get for Love remains a mystery, but it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world... especially if they wanted a clean slate.