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NBA Trade Rumors: One Surprising Western Conference Contender Is Interested In Nerlens Noel


When Nerlens Noel finally left the Philadelphia 76ers, it was seen as a chance to start fresh. Between Simmons, Saric, and Embiid, there wasn't nearly enough room for the 23-year-old Center to grow. That's why, when he went to Dallas, many were expecting big things from him, especially those in the Mavs organization.

But those optimistic expectations soon turned to regret, as Noel slowly began to fall out of the rotation. Now, he's no playing at all, and he finds himself looking for a way out.

And unfortunately for Noel, he's been in this situation before, and the results weren't good. The Sixers had trouble dealing him, and the Mavs will probably face the same challenge.

Or will they?

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, one elite Western Conference team may be interested in Nerlens... for the right price, of course. That team is the Houston Rockets, who have started off the 2017-18 campaign storming out of the gate.

At 13-4, while sitting atop the West, the Rockets have been one of the NBA's best teams of the season. And with Chris Paul returning to form after his opening night knee injury, they're expected to get even better. So why in the world would they want Nerlens Noel?

Adding to the mystery is Clint Capela, who's been playing great for the team all seaosn long, averaging 13 and 11.

Whatever the case, the reports about the Rockets' interest in the young Mavs Center seem to be accurate, which means they see some weakness in the frontline. And no matter what your opinion of Noel is, he can certainly bring some serious energy to a team that needs it.

Who knows, maybe he needs to be in the right place in order to break-out into the star everyone hoped he would be.