NBA Trade Rumors: Pelicans View Lonzo As A Leader, Star For The Future

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Lonzo Ball

The key to the Lakers trading for Anthony Davis is their 2017 lottery pick Lonzo Ball.

The Big Baller Brother has struggled to shoot and has been largely inconsistent on offense, but he has become an essential trade piece for the Lakers, and the Pelicans view him as a guy who can become a "star" for them in the future.

"According to sources, the Pelicans view Ball as a player who would become the starting point guard," writes Tania Ganguli of L.A. Times. "They don’t see Jrue Holiday as a point guard because he 'doesn’t want to be a point guard,' one source said."

"The sources said the Pelicans would play Ball 35 minutes a night and make sure he 'would fit' in with New Orleans so he could become a star."

While Ball and his camp are concerned with his fit in a crowded New Orleans backcourt, it seems he would have to be included in any deal involving Anthony Davis.

Obviously, the Pelicans would have to rebuild, and Lonzo could be their centerpiece going forward. In a new environment, with a little less spotlight and some more room to grow, he could thrive.

But if the Pelicans see him as a potential star, the Lakers probably see him as one as well. It will be tough for them to give him up, especially if he starts to blossom in New Orleans, but it's a price they are going to have to pay if they want to acquire Davis before the deadline.