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NBA Trade Rumors: Pels And Rockets Discussing Melo Deal


Carmelo Anthony is changing rosters nowadays faster than we have a chance to blink.

After a failed stint with the Thunder, Melo was traded to the Hawks (where he only spent a few short-lived days in the offseason), and then was promptly bought out, which lead to his signing in Houston.

Though, as reports will tell you, even that might not last.

Multiple sources around the league are claiming Anthony will not play another game for the Rockets again, including coaches and players associated with the team.

Additionally, a potential trade has been rumored to be in the works between the Houston Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans.

(a report by Brenden Ertle)

Pelicans and Rockets⁠ ⁠ have discussed a deal that would include Carmelo Anthony, Brandon Knight and a 2nd to the Pelicans in exchange for Solomon Hill and a 2nd. The deal however could not be done till December 15th when Melo is eligible to be traded, according a source.

With the Pelicans finally starting to slow down after their red-hot start, they will be looking for a spark to keep the team going late into the season. Anthony could provide that spark, along with an offensive skill-set that will help bring some pressure off of Anthony Davis.

And the Rockets? Well, not much will be happening there. Brandon Knight is a decent piece, but neither he or the second round pick should is expected to make any major changes.

At this point, while these talks with the Pelicans are ongoing, it's a guessing game as far as figuring out where Carmelo might land next.