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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Could Trade Blake Griffin And Derrick Rose To Wizards For John Wall And 2021 First-Round Pick

(via Clips Nation)

(via Clips Nation)

The Detroit Pistons have been a team perpetually stuck in the middle for years now. Despite having some notable players, the roster just hasn't been good enough to earn traction and make waves in the Eastern Conference.

It's for that reason why many around the league believe it's time for a major shakeup -- one that would swap one star for another.

In a trade proposal by Grant Afseth of NBA Analysis Network, a deal is described that would send 6x All-Star Blake Griffin to the Pistons for John Wall, Troy Brown, a 2021 first-round pick, and the rights to swap first-round picks in 2023.

While the Washington Wizards aren’t exactly accustomed to having John Wall in their lineup as of late, receiving a point guard in a trade for him would help. Derrick Rose is a popular talent among NBA fans and is coming off a strong season— making the Detroit Pistons an intriguing option.

After handing out Davis Bertans a massive contract, trading Wall for a frontcourt player like Blake Griffin who brings a heavy cap burden would be difficult. It does at least help that he’s under contract for one fewer season than Wall.

Perhaps the Wizards could experiment with Griffin slotting in at the five spot and see if he can hold his own as a drop coverage big defensively— as the Detroit Pistons have done in stretches. Washington is already terrible defensively so it’s tough envisioning that making them worse.

So, the Wizards get to unload their disgruntled star for a guy in Blake who provides some size and athleticism around the rim. His game would be a good fit alongside sharpshooter Bradley Beal, who they intend to keep around for the foreseeable future.

The trade allows the Wizards to address their problems without giving up their chance to stay competitive in the East.

The acquisition of Wall for Detroit would be an intriguing one in that nobody really knows what to expect upon his return to the court. But if he is even 70% of the player he was before the injuries, it would give Detroit someone to build around moving forward.

The 30-year-old guard is a 5x All-Star, 2017 All-NBA player, and a career 19-point-per game scorer.