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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Exploring Trade Scenarios For Andre Drummond


Even with Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond, the Pistons aren't any real threat in the East. In fact, they might not even make the playoffs.

In these types of situations, it's often that we see teams blow it up in an attempt to wipe the slate and start over. While the Pistons haven't been the most active name in these recent trade rumors, they're apparently sniffing the waters on the market for Andre Drummond. He's peaked as a player, is their secondary star, and could bring back a desirable package of players in return. He's the perfect trade piece.

(via Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson)

If the Pistons really are shopping Drummond, it makes sense that the Hornets would be interested. They've been searching for both a secondary star for Kemba and help in the frontcourt for years. Andre Drummond checks both those boxes.

In return, it's assumed the Pistons want Malik Monk and Nicolas Batum, two players at very different stages of their career. Charlotte would love to get their hands off of Batum's contract, who is owed $24 million this season alone.

The problem comes with Malik Monk. The Hornets are not likely to want to give him up, as he's their only young player with any real star potential. Thing is, without Monk, Detroit probably wouldn't get enough in return to accept a deal.

If the Hornets want to go all-in on the present, then trading for Drummond might be their only way to go. Sending away your brightest young prospect, however, is always a risk, and it might not be one Charlotte is willing to make right now.

With a sense of urgency and desperation on both sides, it'll be interesting to see what these teams do to improve their situation between now and the deadline. Even if it's not the blockbuster trade of the century, the Pistons and Hornets should do something instead of letting another season just pass them by.