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NBA Trade Rumors: Recent Activity Suggests Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson Next To Go For Cleveland


Just hours after dealing George Hill and Sam Dekker to the Milwaukee Bucks for Matthew Delevadova John Henson, and 2021 draft picks, the Cleveland Cavaliers may not be done making moves, in a story told by Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports.

“Expect [Cavaliers general manager Koby] Altman to continue to look for a trade for J.R. Smith, no matter how small the asset return is. The franchise could also flip any of the players they acquired this year (Burks, Dellavedova, Henson) because they completed the deals early enough that they can aggregate their salaries with another player for a deal before the trade deadline on February 7. And of course, this all calls into question the future of Kevin Love in Cleveland, and to a lesser degree that of Tristan Thompson. Both big men still have value despite their bloated contracts.”

Clearly, these lowly Cavaliers are turning over a new leaf. Nobody is safe.

For Kevin Love, his name has been in the rumor mill since LeBron left this past summer. The only thing stopping him from being dealt is the monstrous contract and recent injury concerns that have had him sidelined for most of the season.

And for Thompson, things will prove to be more difficult on his end. He's not a player even close to worthy of the money he's making, and his place on any team would be a question mark.

Nonetheless, there's bound to be a few suitors for both. We'll see which teams step up to the plate as the trade deadline draws closer.