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NBA Trade Rumors: Spurs, Timberwolves Interested In Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal Could Become A Superstar Without John Wall

Young talented guards who can shoot are always in high demand these days. It's the reason why Bradley Beal is such a coveted player and the reason why the Wizards have so far been reluctant to give him up.

Nevertheless, if they want to shake things up, Beal is the only player that would earn a worthwhile return.

So, with Washington dangling him like bait for other teams, we should expect a trade within the next couple of weeks here. Most notably with either the Spurs and Timberwolves, as a source told Ken Berger of Bleacher Report.

“Minnesota and San Antonio are two teams that one of the rival execs said would be interested in discussing a trade for Beal. For the Timberwolves, he would serve as a replacement for Jimmy Butler. For the Spurs, he would provide more scoring punch and a three-point-shooting threat—though such a move would necessitate moving DeMar DeRozan to the 3 or playing them in the backcourt together at times without a true point guard.”

Bradley Beal would be a game changer for both teams, but even more so for the Spurs, whose old-school, boring style of basketball would benefit greatly from the talents of the Washington Star.

For the Wizards, it doesn't really matter where he goes so long as they get something valuable in return. What could the Wolves/Spurs or any other team send Washington that could fit what they're looking to be?

A young player is always nice, but is forcing John Wall to wait really a smart move?

It'll be interesting what Ernie Grunfeld and the team decide as the wild 2018/19 campaign roars on.