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NBA Trade Rumors: The New York Knicks Are A Legit Contender To Trade For CJ McCollum

NBA Trade Rumors: The New York Knicks Are A Legit Contender To Trade For CJ McCollum

The NBA trade deadline is right around the corner and it is an exciting time for fans. There are many trader rumors out there and only a handful of them will become true, like every season.

While the most prominent one still remains, the potential move of James Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Ben Simmons. However, recently it was reported that the 76ers are content with waiting until summer 2022 to get Harden in order to avoid trade allegations.

Apart from Harden, CJ McCollum has been one consistent name thrown in several trade scenarios. So far, the New Orleans Pelicans were considered to be the only team to try to trade for the Trail Blazers guard, but that has apparently changed now.

Renowned NBA insider Marc Stein has revealed that not only are the New York Knicks a contender to trade for McCollum, but they are also apparently a strong one.

Via The Stein Line:

"The most interesting trade scenario I heard all weekend: Two rival teams say that the Knicks are emerging as a legitimate trade suitor for Portland’s CJ McCollum. The Pelicans, until now, have been most frequently mentioned as the leaders of the McCollum chase if another trade materializes for the Trail Blazers after their Friday deal with the LA Clippers to send out Norman Powell and Robert Covington."

This is some interesting turn of events for the future of CJ with the Blazers. At the end of the day, it is not surprising news. Over the last few years, the franchise has tried to win with the backcourt duo of Damian Lillard and McCollum.

Unfortunately, that has done no good for the team. So it was long speculated that the team might blow up the star duo sooner or later.

Since it was Stein who earlier reported that the Blazers might trade CJ. It seems like the insider is closely monitoring the situation and he might be the first to break the news of CJ's trade to the world.