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NBA Trade Rumors: The Pelicans Want A Cleveland Shooting Guard


When the New Orleans Pelicans traded for DeMarcus Cousins last season, it was a statement to the rest of the league. No longer were they going to sit quietly and hope for a lottery pick. Rather, it was their time to make a splash and go all-in.

And while DeMarcus is a great start at finally being relevant as a team, they're going to need more talent to avoid a disaster. That's why it should come as no surprise to find the Pels name in the rumor mill once again.

Only this time they aren't eyeing a star, just a great two-way role player who lives in Cleveland: Iman Shumpert.

He's not the most glamorous name, but he could provide the Pels with an amazing boost on both sides of the floor. Averaging 7.5 points last year on a stacked Finals team, he could thrive with a bigger role in New Orleans. If nothing else, he'll give the team a spark of that killer attitude every great squad needs.

What would the Cavs get in return? Solomon Hill (and a second rounder), who would fit right in on the Cavs.

It is not known how far the Pelicans have gotten in their pursuit of Shumpert. But no doubt, they'll definitely be looking for some additional talent as the season inches closer.