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NBA Trade Rumors: The Suns May Have Another Deal To Make

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

After getting off to an abysmal start to the season, the Phoenix Suns have rebounded of late.

The team is now 7-11 and riding a two-game win streak. While that position isn't world-class by any means, it's certainly better than how they performed on opening week. With basically nothing to offer, they looked dead back then... it was bad.

But after firing Earl Watson and trading away Eric Bledsoe, things started to turn around. Whether or not that turn around is due to those moves is anyone's guess, but it may not be the only move Phoenix makes this season.

According to Suns writer Scott Bordow, the team wants to trade one of their three centers to make room to sign Mike James, as he's currently on a two-way contract that's about to expire. If the report is true, then the Suns are due to make a deal any second, and either Alex Len, Tyson Chandler, or Greg Monroe will be the ones on the block.

Interest in either of the three, while limited, is there, and the team could probably find a trade for them in no-time.

The bigger question is, will it help? Phoenix is obviously in no place to compete right now, but building with youngsters like Mike James could help revive the franchise if they invest in the right people. The pressure is on them to get it right and if they do, it could alter the future of Phoenix basketball forever.