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NBA Trade Rumors: Three Teams Interested In Jabari Parker


The trade deadline is quickly approaching, and one name floating around is Jabari Parker.

Since letting go of Fred Hoiberg a few weeks back, Parker's role with the team has all but disappeared. Now, with the Bulls owing him $20 million he's completely out of the rotation for good.

As a result, it's only natural that the team look for possible trade suitors for the big guy, and three teams have entered the race, according to Joe Cowley of Chicago Sun-Times.

“Multiple outlets have reported the Bulls are looking to trade Parker, all but admitting his homecoming has been a huge mistake. It also has been reported that things are amicable right now, with Parker’s camp hoping to be able to work with the front office to find Parker a team that will use him more frequently, preferably a contender. Several teams have been hovering, with the Knicks, Nuggets, and Jazz rumored to have some interest in Parker. But one source said trade talks haven’t even reached the beginning stages.”

So, things are moving slowly, and there are multiple reasons why. For one, Parker is available at a very unfortunate time. A lot of teams are focused on bigger fish like Davis, Kawhi, or Klay. His health also poses a huge question mark, with any team that might be interested in him not being able to trust his playing time and durability going forward.

Also, his anti-defense playing style poses a big liability to his value, especially because he's not a solid shooter from 3, either.

These factors are creating a very limited market for the forward, with only three teams potentially willing to take the risk.

It'll be interesting to see what happens going forward.