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NBA Trade Rumors: Timberwolves Could Acquire D’Angelo Russell

(via The Spun)

(via The Spun)

From L.A. to Brooklyn, and now on his way to San Francisco, D'Angelo Russell has yet to find a true NBA home as he enters his 5th season. The 2019 All-Star has everything you could want in a point guard -- a young, fast, knock-down shooter -- yet continues to be passed around like an unwanted piece of furniture.

He might not be done moving yet, either. It is no secret that the Warriors remain open to trade Russell for a piece they might feel works better in their lineup. A lot of teams have shown interest, but the Timberwolves have emerged as the franchise most intrigued by the idea of acquiring D'Angelo.

“When the Warriors agreed to the sign-and-trade of Kevin Durant for Russell, they did so for two reasons," writes Brad Botkin of CBS Sports. "One, Russell is a good player. Two, he’s a tradeable player. The Warriors can’t move him until Dec. 15, but after that, anything can happen. The Wolves are a team to watch. We know they wanted Russell before he wound up with Golden State. A package centered on Robert Covington could go a long way in filling back out Golden State’s depleted perimeter defense.”

True, the Warriors cannot trade him until after December 15th, and they are likely to at least test the waters with a Steph, Klay, D'Lo trio when Thompson eventually returns next season.

But the possibility of him being dealt after that date just as strong. If Golden State can squeeze out some picks and a solid wing player in a Russell trade, you can expect them to seriously consider the deal.

Nonetheless, wherever Russ ends up, he'll be ready to play. The 23-year-old guard averaged a career-high 21 points last season for the Nets, securing his first All-Star appearance as a pro. We will see if he can replicate those numbers with the Warriors over the next several months.