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NBA Trade Rumors: Top 3 Best Destinations For Jabari Parker

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Jabari Parker is one of the most confounding players in all of the NBA. A former number 2 overall pick who was expected to be a star, but was slowed down by 2 ACL tears and the window on his potential as a star seems to be closing at just 23 years old.

That being said, I do believe there is an opportunity for him to be a role player on a winning team. He IS talented and has shown flashes of this talent during the season (In November had a stretch where he scored at least 20 points in 5 out of 7 games).

The question is, will Jabari accept being a role player? Milwaukee was happy to let him sign with Chicago, and after not being happy with moving from the starting lineup to the bench new head coach Jim Boylan has now taken him out of the rotation completely.

Rumor has it the Bulls are 100% willing to trade Parker, so here are 3 teams that Parker could potentially be a good fit for as well as 3 trade ideas.

1. Golden State Warriors

Trade Package: Jabari Parker for Andre Iguodala and a 2nd round pick

This trade would be a win-win for both teams. Andre Iguodala has regressed over 70 spots in my overall NBA player ranking from last year, that being said he is still a solid veteran role player who is in my top 150 and would join Robin Lopez on the leadership committee immediately.

For Golden State, this is about wanting to take a chance. If there is any team Jabari Parker would be more than willing to be a role player for, it’s the Warriors. The ONLY way this trade works though is by including Iguodala, which for Golden State might be worth the risk and they could be getting a steal here.

I had Jabari as a top 90 overall player not even a month ago (128th currently). He has shown clear signs of talent this year, it’s an issue of effort. With Golden State, even coming off the bench, I highly doubt this would be an issue.

This trade helps both teams out immensely. Golden State gets a young player who still has a small window to reach his ridiculous potential, Chicago gets a veteran championship winning player to help with the young guys while tanking for a high draft pick and trading away a player who wasn’t going to be back next year anyway.

2. Miami Heat

Trade Package: Jabari Parker for Tyler Johnson

With Dion Waiters hungry to come back, the backcourt for Miami is going to be a little more crowded. Tyler Johnson is a solid player who has the talent to immediately be a starter in the backcourt for the Bulls but enough value to where trading him for Jabari would be a fair trade.

Jabari would likely be coming off the bench, but keep in mind his contract is not guaranteed for next year and this situation would either only be for a couple of months, or it works out and they keep him next year.

Meanwhile, Tyler Johnson has $19 million guaranteed next year no matter what and his value as a player (although talented) is way below $19 million. This helps the Bulls though because they get Jabari out of their locker room, and their starting backcourt is so bad that even with his rather large contract Johnson is worth the investment.

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3. Utah Jazz

Trade Package: Jabari Parker for Derrick Favors and Tony Bradley

Disclaimer: Favors is not eligible to be traded until January 15, 2019.

That being out of the way, this could make sense for both teams. Favors has declining value (73rd overall in 2017-2018, 98th overall currently) and although he is scheduled to make $16 million next season that contract is non-guaranteed. That being said, he is a very solid power forward to have on the 2nd string unit and would bring immediate value to this Bulls team that needs veteran leadership and with his style of play he would be a good fit behind Lauri Markkanen.

Jabari meanwhile, would bring a flair of excitement to a team that is currently sitting at 12th place in the Western Conference. His style of play fits pretty well next to Rudy Gobert and he would get plenty of opportunities on this franchise with a recent history of success.

Although this trade can’t happen for a little under a month, and if the Jazz get firmly back in the playoff picture this might not be worth the risk if they continue to struggle this could be a win-win for both teams.